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Daniel J. Koes is certified as an Appellate Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization

California Civil Appeals Lawyer

Los Angeles, California: Motions to Vacate Arbitration

Typically, an arbitration agreement requires the parties to give up their right to a jury trial and have their dispute resolved in arbitration. If a party to an arbitration award wants to fight the decision of the arbitrator, the first step is to file a motion to vacate the arbitration award.

Although there are very few legally valid reasons to vacate an arbitration award, Daniel J. Koes, a board certified appellate law specialist, takes professional pride in his growing reputation as an appellate attorney with a record of success in presenting winning arguments for vacating arbitration awards. These appeals are not limited to business disputes because--frequently--arbitration agreement provisions are contained in contracts involving consumer transactions and medical treatment. For example, in May 2010, Koes argued an appeal before the California Supreme Court arising out of an arbitration agreement contained in a medical treatment form. [ click here to see Haworth v. Superior Court case ]

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